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winner Art Prize Art Award 2nd place ART CLIMATE CHANGE KUNST&KLIMA art exhibition Kunstausstellung NovumBasel


2nd winner of the Art Prize!💐

🍀Wonderful News🐞

My first Art Prize I've got as a child. That I would receive the second one JUST A FEW YEARS LATER,
I could not imagine.
I'm super happy, grateful, pleased, joyful, proud, blessed, ... that I've won the 2nd place in the competition of the current art exhibition "ART CLIMATE CHANGE" under all these amazing artists. That means a lot to me. Still crying. ❣️
I really appreciate that. Märssi! @novum_basel
@hochbeetbasel @recyclingbasel
@carlo.go.swiss @biowineapp ♻️
Meinen ersten Kunstpreis erhielt ich als Kind. Dass ich den zweiten NUR WENIGE JAHRE SPÄTER bekommen würde, hätte ich nicht für möglich gehalten. #hättehättefahrradkette
Ich bin superglücklich, dankbar, erfreut, stolz, gesegnet, ..., den 2.Platz beim Kunstwettbewerb der aktuellen Kunstausstellung "Klima und Kunst" unter all diesen großartigen Künstler:innen gewonnen zu haben. Das bedeutet mir sehr viel. Bin immernoch am Heulen.❣️
Ich weiß das wirklich sehr zu schätzen. Märssi! @novum_basel 
@biowineapp @carlo.go.swiss 
@recyclingbasel @hochbeetbasel

friedART youtube ART CLIMATE CHANGE KUNST&KLIMA Novum Investments GmbH Basel Schweiz 7.6.-7.7.2021


On Youtube out now!

Grüezi! You can watch 11 of my artworks from the Online Art exhibition with very nice musical support also on YouTube now, yay! 🌱
Big thanks to Novum Basel and UrSpRuNg for producing the video!!!
 "ART CLIMATE CHANGE/ KLIMA&KUNST"| 07.06.-07.07.2021
Thanks for watching, streaming & #sharingiscaring! 💚 Enjoyyy!

Click on the image or: https://youtu.be/1sFhe3uJvJE 💓

art exhibition ART CLIMATE CHANGE / KLIMA&KUNST 7.6.-7.7.2021 Kunstausstellung friedART x Novum Investments Basel Switzerland


Art Exhibition ART CLIMATE CHANGE is online - 11 of my artworks on display now

If you want to walk through the online art gallery from Novum Investments GmbH Basel, you can find

more here:

7.6.-7.7.21 ONLINE EXHIBITION Basel, Schweiz KLIMA UND KUNST ART CLIMATE CHANGE Novum Investments GmbH friedART


Off to Switzerland, Grüezi!🇨🇭

Tomorrow the Online Art Exhibition about "ART CLIMATE CHANGE"/ "KLIMA&KUNST" starts! I am very happy, grateful and proud to announce that I am part of the art of this great project curated by Novum Investments GmbH Basel!

What can the arts do in the face of  climate change?

From 7.6.-7.7.21 you can watch 11 of my artworks and other artists online on Social Media and www.novumbasel.com/online-art-exhibition/



Auf in die Schweiz, Grüezi!

Morgen beginnt die Online Kunstausstellung "KLIMA&KUNST / ART CLIMATE CHANGE", kuratiert von Novum Investments GmbH Basel, welche sich mit der Verbindung von Kunst & dem Klimawandel beschäftigt. 

Was kann Kunst schaffen in Hinblick auf den Klimawandel?

Ich freue mich sehr, verkünden zu können, dass ich Teil dieser wunderbaren Kunstausstellung bin.
Vom 7.6.-7.7.21 sind 11 meiner Werke bezugnehmend zum Thema online auf Social Media und auf der Website von Novum Basel zu sehen:



Next stop: MOON ART FAIR @Elbphilharmonie/ The Westin Hamburg I'm very happy and grateful to be part of the art of the ...


Great announcement!

After a very long time of missing cultural events due to the pandemic, I'm very happy to announce that I'm part of the art of the MOON ART FAIR Hamburg from June, 18th-20th 2021! 

So the journey through Hamburg HafenCity continues, whoop, whoop!⛵ Next stop:

🚩 Lounge of The Westin / Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

!Corona conform Hybrid Art Show! 

Save the date!🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘 

More infos here:

Easter Holidays Shooting Time 2021 friedART x Iani Iskowik Stylist


Happy Easter!

Using the Easter Holidays for some preparations and outtakes. Great announcements coming soon...

Many thanks to my friend Iani Iskowik!<3


friedART artist Risikogebiet Risk Area January 2021 Corona Locldown Hamburg Germany abstract art contemporary art


First painting of 2021

January 2021 and still caught in the "RISIKOGEBIET (RISK AREA)"...

Aki Bosse Das Paradies Fanvideo Musikvideo youtube Musik music Hamburg Germany friedART


Welcome to paradise!

Happy to be part of the music video (Fanvideo) from Aki BOSSE and his bittersweet utopia "Das Paradies", yay! #1sec

Click on the picture 🎶

friedART Finissage Azaro Art Spaces 2021 lockdown the quarantine series 2020 Hamburg Hafencity Germany


Finissage II

With the beginning of the new year, I had the pleasure to get the present of a little feeling like having a "Finissage" in lockdown-style.

While having an exhibition exactly during the second lockdown we KEPT CONTROL, left our FEARs behind and helped each other out of ISOLATION. Together in a SOLIDARY DISTANCING. 

With a melancholic mood I am still grateful for the happy end of 2020 and a good start of 2021 (not talking about the weather in Hamburg right now!).

Thank you, Romullo.

And now, back into isolation.


Hi 2021!

Healthy new year everyone!
The gallery is in "quarantine" yet but I'm happy that some of my "quarantine pieces" still can be seen from the outside for a few days, yay! 

friedART lockdown germany hamburg the lockdown series 2020 abstract art leipzig conceptual art


The lockdown series

This special year of 2020 finally has come to an end tonight.
But the third lockdown in Germany not yet.
Almost everything is still closed...


Finissage I + upcoming "RETROSPECTIVE" at Azaro Art spaces from the 10th - 20th of December

The gallery is closed today.
Yesterday was the official end of the group exhibition "309 Days in (57 to go)".
But for now: Thank you very much for visiting our exhibition -offline or online-, my supportive friends, the other artists for a team spirit through only online meetings and, of course, our great gallerist Romullo Azaro!
And thanx to the 👽 from artland who made this science fiction in 2020 possible! ;-)
After exhibition is before exhibition! I am happy to also be part of the last exhibition in 2020 at Azaro Art Spaces Hamburg. Visits with an appointment. More infos on www.azaro-artspaces.com

friedART Azaro Art Spaces Hamburg Hafencity group exhibition 309 Days in (57 to go) 2020 art contemporary art corona lockdown


Good news in dark times!

Our group exhibition "309 Days in (57 to go)" is extended until the 28th of November!
You are very welcome to visit us, just bring your masks!

•Tuesday - Saturday 12-6°°pm

  • Dienstag - Samstag 12-18°°

More infos on www.azaro-artspaces.com 

friedART Romullo Azaro Art Spaces Hamburg Hafencity Artist Talk Interview group exhibition 309 Days in (57 to go) corona


Azaro Art Spaces X friedART , Artist Talk

Tonight I had the pleasure to talk with Romullo Azaro from Azaro Art Spaces about the story behind my "quarantine" pieces, among other things. Thank you for having me, Romullo!
You can watch the video on IGTV (Instagram TV) @_friedART and @azaroartspaces: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHx241AKs2r/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


ARTIST TALK live on Instagram tomorrow at 5 pm! 

Let's talk about toiletpaper!
Or better 'bout ART?! 
Tomorrow I'll be interviewed by Romullo Azaro from Azaro Art Spaces. Join us live on Instagram @azaroartspaces!

friedART Azaro Art Spaces Hamburg Hafencity group exhibition 309 Days in (57 to go) 2020 Romullo Azaro


On artland now!

Sur(f)prising friday,13th, yay!🏄

The group show "309 Days In (57 To Go)" at Azaro Art Spaces is now online on artland.com in 3D!
If you are not able to visit the gallery in Hamburg Hafencity, you can >3D&chill< from your home!;-)



-Opening “ceremony”-
A few days ago the second lockdown started in Germany and unfortunately it is currently not allowed to have a public vernissage with an audience in the gallery.
But Azaro Art Spaces managed it to give us the feeling of having a great vernissage with some nice music and musicians, yay!

The gallery is open from 

Tuesday - Saturday 12-6°°pm

  • Dienstag - Samstag 12-18°° 

More infos on www.azaro-artspaces.com 



I am very, very happy, glad, proud, blessed... to announce that I'm part of the art - and group exhibition "309 Days In (57 To Go)" at Azaro Art Spaces in Hamburg Hafencity from November, 5th until November, 25th of this lovely year 2020.🎉
The exhibition is about art during the lockdown and about our new favorite word >Corona< ... Come by and have a look !

•Tuesday - Saturday 12-6°°pm

  • Dienstag - Samstag 12-18°°

More infos on www.azaro-artspaces.com 

isolation friedART quarantine series Hamburg Corona


ISOLATION I-III, the quarantine series, Pt.2

What happens with us without the ability to go out anymore? What happens with us if there`s neither social nor physical touch even with collegues or strangers anymore? What if there`s no distraction on the outside anymore? What happens with us when it`s getting totally silent around suddenly? Being lost in isolation and (the moment of) being confrontated with oneself can be very hard for the most of us as we`re pack animals. 

My intention with these three pieces of “ISOLATION I-III“ was... 



What happens with us as human beings if the world suddenly is standing still due to an unknown deadly virus? What happens with us in a society and with our society? Which feelings do communicate with us then? And why are we sure that it`s not us who's the virus? 


What is the best solution now?

Social or physical distancing?

- The quarantine series -



About everyday life in Hamburg, Germany.



Cleaning the house.

About the calm after the storm.


Darker than black?

Everybody hurts. Sometimes...

About the power of pain.


Waves of vibration.

Good. About the power of vibration, resonance and connection.



About the power of meditation and inner transformation.


Let go (and go) with the flow. 

or: From control to freedom,  

From fear to love. 

"Letting go" - what does that mean exactly and how to achieve this spiritual "goal"?

This is my biggest artwork I`ve done so far. I decided to paint on this big old wooden underground instead of painting in my comfort zone of artworks in a smaller size. A bigger picture in a metaphorical sense.;-)

Free yourself from your own expectations and let go with the flow.

What I`ve learned: Accepting things, situations and people - instead of sticking to own expectations - is the best leader into personal freedom. 
Freedom is peace is love. <3


Tag der Deutschen Einheit (Day of German Unity)

Cross the line.

This is an older painting of white I made some years ago. 
I chose this as theme for this special day of peace&reunion, which reminds the people (especially of Germany) that there shall be no walls and borders between us.


Better tomorrow.

I have to do my work on time. But first I must clean the kitchen, then I can concentrate better and so the result will be a sight better. Oh, and the old stuff should be mucked out finally...

My new project about procrastination and perfectionism is finished. Out now! ;-) 


friedART X PouwW&WiLLy

Ice ice baby! My Design for POuwW & WiLLy and their popsicle, yay! Organic, vegan, delicious and so colourful in taste...

These days at the Millerntor Gallery of Viva con Agua de St.Pauli, Hamburg! Come and visit us!


Follow the light!

In "dark times" it`s always good to take a look inward and remember your inner light...

-"Light And Love, The Golden Series"-


Orange is the new black.

Every artist faces blocks of creativity now and then, the so called "artist`s block".
After intensive weeks of (creative) work and deadlines earlier this year, I felt blocked in the end. No ideas anymore, doubts, fears. But then I just followed my impulse and this piece was born...


Hello world.

Thank you for your visit on my page. Nice to meet you!